Other Work


A young adult manuscript, complete at 64,000 words

Seventeen-year-old Noor fled her native Syria in the midst of her country’s civil war. Her parents have mysteriously vanished and her activist brother is dead, killed by Assad’s regime. When Noor is taken in by her Uncle Ahmed, a lawyer living in Boston, she deals with her panic attacks by escaping into her painting.

When she meets a local boy in a Boston art museum, the two begin to investigate an unsolved art heist, which may have ties to Syria and Noor’s own family.

As Noor and her new friend Enda get closer to solving the mystery, it looks like Noor’s uncle may be involved, but on the wrong side.

As the lies and clues pile up, Noor’s paintings begin to resemble her nightmares, leaving her with no place to hide, unless she can uncover the truth.

Set in Boston in 2012 and Syria in 2011, Priceless is the story of a young woman’s struggle to deal with the loss of her family and her country’s failed revolution, while solving America’s most notorious art crime.


The Red Prince

A young adult manuscript, complete at 95,000 words

Before the revolution of 1917, Russia’s last tsar taught his son that a prince knows no fear, but seventeen-year-old Prince Alexei has plenty of reasons to be frightened. Waking up in an isolated farmhouse, Alexei finds himself among peasants with a gunshot wound in his side. Unable to remember his past – who he is or how he got there – Sasha, as he now calls himself, is haunted by images that come to him in his dreams: a night of being hunted, a beautiful young woman he cannot save, and a strange and deadly machine.

Through it all, he is sure of only one thing: he despises the revolutionary Bolsheviks who have taken over his country. With the help of an unlikely ally, the clever and resourceful Elena, herself a Bolshevik, Sasha comes to accept his new life until his sudden arrest. When his memory returns, bringing with it the awful truth of what happened to his family, he also remembers a Russian state secret, the Calyx Project, a powerful new weapon the Bolsheviks may be poised to use. As the young Prince Alexei, he must choose between his love for Elena and his duty to his family and country. If he chooses the latter, can he get to the Calyx in time? But first, can he even find it? In his darkest hour, Alexei realizes the gold watch found hidden in his jacket lining may provide a vital clue.

From the marble halls of the tsar’s summer palace to the life of a hunted fugitive, The Red Prince is the story of a young man’s struggle to accept the loss of the world he knows and find his place in a new one.